Door Hardware

Closers Door Hardware
Heavy duty surface door closers, main arms, hold open arms, covers, drop plates, and various brackets and cushions available.
Closers Product Catalogs
Locks Door Hardware
Heavy and standard duty lock sets – mechanical and electric.
Locks Product Catalogs
Exit Devices Door Hardware
Exit Devices
Touch bar, cross bar and recessed exit devices with various finishes and grades, strikes, and head covers.
Exit Devices Product Catalogs
Overhead Holders and Stops Door Hardware
Overhead Holders and Stops
Grade 1 and 2 overhead holders and stops, surface mounted end caps, electromagnetic door holders, catch plates and catch disks .
Overhead Holders and Stops Product Catalogs
Hinges Door Hardware
Full, half, roton, and swing clear hinges; anchors; pivots; and detention hardware.
Hinges Product Catalogs
Trim and Auxiliaries Door Hardware
Trim and Auxiliaries
Push and pull bar sets, door edging and corner guard, hooks, filler plates, kick down door stops, and coat hooks.
Trim and Auxiliaries Product Catalogs
Weatherstripping, Thresholds, and Sweeps Door Hardware
Weatherstripping, Thresholds, and Sweeps
Saddle thresholds (with and without thermal barriers), weatherstripping, and door bottom sweeps.
Weatherstripping, Thresholds, and Sweeps Product Catalogs
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